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Cyanée - Option face-up

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Option Face-up

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  • Artist face-up 45€
  • Artist face-up 80€
  • Basic Face-up 35€
  • No option
  • Artist blush mermaid tail (60 €)
  • Basic blush mermaid tail (20 €)

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Cyanée - Option Face-up


The commission include one simple face-up not including the customisation of the option parts, of physical blusher nor tattoos.


The commission include  one simple face-up understanding a blusher for the options parts, without physical blusher nor of tattoos.


The commission include one fancy face-up including the customisation of the options parts, and which allows you to add tattoos (on the face only) as well as a light physical blusher.

BLUSH mermaid tail BASIC 20 euro

The commission include a simple blusher not understanding(including) tattoos or motives.

BLUSH mermaid tail ARTISTE 60 euro

The commission include the realization of tattoos/motives or/and option glitter/iridescence.

Time of realization *

The service asks for one lead times of 10 additional working days.
We shall suit together the work has to realize during the passage of your order. The service include 2 corrections or modifications, any correction or additional modification will give rise to a additional invoicing.
For a more complex customisation, do not hesitate to get in touch to establish the work to be realized and the cost of the service.

Used material *

The doll is before protected face-up by Tamiya TS80. Face-up is protected in the same way throughout the process of realization. I use pastels and acrylic for his realization.

NB : The make-up being a custom-made order it does not enter the right to withdraw dice the moment when I began his realization.