The present terms of sale aim at defining the modalities of sale between the seller Fëadoll and by every natural person wishing to proceed to a purchase via the online shop of Fëadoll mentioned below " the buyer ".
Products proposed by Fëadoll are reserved for the private individuals, therefore, these are exclusively reserved for a personal use on behalf of the buyer.
Any order made on the online shop Fëadoll implies the membership without reserve of the buyer in the present general terms of sale.

The buyer declares to be old of at least 18 years, he has to have the legal capacity allowing him to make a order on the site. Buyers aged 16 and 17 must have parental authorization or a legal guardian. The shipment will be made under the name of the legal guardian.

The products sold on Fëadoll are not suitable for children under 16 years.

Article 2 : ORDER

The offers are valid while stocks last.
The photos of products are the most faithful possible but cannot assure a similarity completed with the offered product, in particular as regards colors.
Every product is accompanied by a description established by the seller.


The customer makes a commitment to supply these name and first name, complete address, to assure the sending of purchases made in shop.
In case of misdirection on behalf of the customer the expenses of forwarding will be chargeable to this one.
In case of cancellation of the purchase by the customer further to this error, postal charges will not be paid off.


Products in stocks are sent in 2 in 5 working days following the acceptance of the payment.
The services makeup realized to order will be sent in a further time of 10 working days. If for reasons of force majeure products cannot be sent in 10 days, Fëadoll makes a commitment to warn the buyer as soon as possible to supply him(her) a new delivery date.


According to the nature of the service, the time of realization is indicated in the description of the product sheet.
The time of manufacturing of the customizable objects is variable according to the quantity of the order.
For an important purchase, or a particular request of manufacturing, it is recommended to get in touch to establish an estimate and for the estimation of the time of manufacturing.
In case of delay in the manufacturing, the seller makes a commitment to set contact with the buyer to inform it further times necessity in the finalization of its order.

The seller accepts no request of reproduction of work tending to go against the rights of authors and the intellectual property. Any request of this nature will be refused.
The personalized objects are not either refundable, or exchangeable.
The personalized orders are excluded from the right to withdraw according to the current law.

Article 3 : PRICE

The prices appearing on product sheets are prices including tax in euro taking into account the applicable VAT in the day of the order; any change of the rate can be echoed on the price of products or services.
The indicated prices do not include the expenses of deliveries and other possible expenses charged in supplement. They will be indicated in your basket before the validation of the order.
To Fëadoll saves itself the possibility of modifying its prices at any time, being however understood that the price appearing in the catalog the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer.

The VAT is not applicable, according to the article 293 B modified by the Law n°2009-1674 of December 30th, 2009 - art. 18 V) of the general code of the taxes. 

Article 4 : PAYMENT


During his order, the buyer arranges payment conditions indicated on the order form.
The French buyers have the possibility of paying their order by means of the system of secure on-line payment Paypal, by check, bank transfer and by Credit Card.
The international buyers have the possibility of paying their order by means of the system of secure on-line payment Paypal.
In case of payment by means of Paypal, Fëadoll will deliver purchases to the address indicated on the account Paypal of the buyer and it for the respect for the conditions of use of the service Paypal concerning the protection of marchants. Therefore, no request of delivery for an address different from that present on the invoice Paypal of the buyer will not be accepted.

   • 4.2 : DELAY PAYMENT

The payment must be sent in 10 days following the order. After this deadline, Fëadoll will cancel the order without advance notice.

Article 5 : DELIVERY

Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer during the signing of the order.
The buyer has to verify conformity of the information which he has supplies on his customer account. In case of payment by the service Paypal, the address must be identical to that communicated on your account Paypal, for safety reasons and of respect for condition of use of the service of payment Paypal. In case of different address, the payment will be cancelled and paid off, the buyer will have the possibility of modifying this information and of proceeding to a new payment or of cancelling his order.


Products in stock are sent to 2 in 3 working days following the reception of the safe payment in case of force majeure.
The personalized products are delivered according to the time  of manufacturing indicated on the product sheet.
Products to préorder are sent according to deadlines of manufacturing indicated on the product sheet.
The sendings are made the working days from Monday to Friday.


The delivery deadlines depend on the type of chosen sending. They can varied from 2 to 10 days.
Fëadoll is in no person in charge of the delays due to the services of delivery as well as in case of force majeure.


The transport costs include the management fees, the material of sending as well as the postal charges in the current mail price list.
Postal charges depend on the way of delivery chosen by Fëadoll according to the nature of the ordered products and their weight.
They are indicated on the order form allowing the buyer to acquaint with it before of past in the payment.
Any product return further to a misdirection committed by the buyer will pull the invoicing of the dismissalof purchases. The refusal to settle the transport costs will pull the cancellation of the order which will follow up a refund with the exception of postal charges.


The Buyer has a cooling-off period of 14 true days according to the current law. The mentioned deadline runs as from the reception of purchases. When the deadline of 14 days expires one Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or non-work day, he is extended until the next first working day.
During the sending of his order, the Buyer will have a form of retraction which can use in case of complaint. The Buyer can also make his request without using the provided him with form. From the reception of his complaint, the Buyer has 14 true days to make the return of the goods in their state and original packing, the expenses of dismissal staying at his/her expense(under his/her responsibility).The Buyer will have then the possibility of asking for a refund or the exchange of the turned product if this one is a stock. The refund of its order will be made in 14 days after reception of products on all of the sums paid according to the current law excluding charges of return.

For any complaint for object broken in the transport, not corresponding, the Buyer is invited to contact the seller as soon as possible. In case of complaint for object broken in the transport, the Buyer will have to supply a photography of the object damaged within 24 hours following his reception. For any other motive, he has 14 true days from the reception of his order to make his complaint. The complaint can be made by using the form beforehand supplied by the seller or by the simple mail. Any request of refund or exchange for object broken in the transport, not corresponding object, will be made only on return of the product. The Buyer has then 14 days having asserted to right these rights with the seller to send back products in their state and original packing.The buyer in the obligation to send back products in followed mail and/or recommended to confirm its sending and verify its good routing. The procedure of refund will be made in 14 working days after reception of products on all of the sums paid according to the current law excluding charges of return. The procedure of exchange will be made in 5 working days after reception of products.

The expenses of dismissal stay chargeable to the customer.


The personalized orders are excluded from the right of shrinkage. (Article L121-20-2)

* Particular case *
In case of return of purchases further to an incomplete or erroneous address supplied by the Buyer, if the latter refuses the invoicing of the dismissal of these purchases, the order will be cancelled and the refund made on the amount of its order excluding charges of port.


Any present creations in the shop Fëadoll are subjected to copyright, according to the code of the intellectual property.
Therefore, the buyer makes a commitment not to modify, to sell, to distribute or to create of works diverted from products or original works sold on the online shop of Fëadoll, nor has to reproduce, without written authorization, in whole or in part the works present.
© Naï Tous droits réservés


Article 10: Right Aplicable

The present conditions are subjected to the French law.
In case of dispute on the bottom or on the shape, the French courts will be only competent.
Any dispute not solved by the mediation will be the court's jurisdiction of the business of Bourgoin Jallieu.



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