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News 2016

July 10th, 2016

** The next pré--order Mimü and sale Mimü deer and Unicorn**

Dear customers,

I decided to make a small poll to know shall be what the model which you would like to see for the next pre-order.
He will last until July 16th 21 hours Choice of the model: cat, unicorn, deer, Color ram: white, blue, pink, purple, tan

Direction this link to answer it:)

Having imperatives of command with the manufacturer here is how she would work: a minimum of 12 commanded dolls will be needed. For 2 models in 2 or 3 different colors.
Payment by installments until 3 times available.

1st time: reservation only
That is if you wish to buy a girl Mimü, it will be necessary to make a reservation, not beforehand of payment because if 12 dolls are not reserved pre-ordered will not take place.

2nd time: 12 reserved dolls are reached, passage in pre-order A this moment, your term of payment will be asked you according to the mode and the chosen term.

The period of reservation it would hold from July 17th till August 3rd.
If 12 dolls are reached I shall leave in mode pre-order until August 10th.

Price of dolls:
white = > 235 € +
purple, blue, pink, grey FDP = > 255 € + FDP
tan = > 275 € + FDP

Girl Mimü in stock was added to the shop, there is there only one of every!